Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 wasn't my best effort in the history of me, but sometimes life lands you in a high pile of steamy just to see what happens, and the only available option is to soldier through it.  So I did.  

Soldier.  Soldier.  Soldier.

Reading, blogging, fun stuff fell away as I trudged.  


Life sucked.  I did read some, but 17 books feels insignificant.  I didn't reach my reading goal of 35 books, intentionally set low back in "Black January 2012", named thus because that's the time stamp on my personal Mount Vesuvius.

But things have been gradually getting better.  I'm now able to loosen my fraying boot straps.  A few weeks ago I thought I'd log on to my blog to get back into the swing. Blogger had different plans.

What's that you say Blogger?  My blog doesn't exist?

Frustrated, I emailed Google, Blogger, and everyone in my contacts.  I questioned neighbors, colleagues and drilled the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, and the cashier at Target and Dash In.  I unleashed vitriolic posts on forums such that the inter webs have never seen.  Apparently my lovely blog is Keyser Soze.  


There was much pain and gnashing of teeth.  

Fortunately, there is a happy ending to this little fish in a little pond drama.  My blog is back.  Well, it actually never left, but apparently my higher brain function did.

To me, it really did feel as if the world was ending in 2012.  I guess in a way, it did.  I've learned a lot.  My perceptions have changed.  I am changed.  My world is not the same.  A newness stretches out before me.

Looking forward to wonderful 2013.

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