Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And the Winner is:

The gods of random.org have chosen a winner of The Savannah Vampire series by Raven Hart,

Gena R.

Congratulations Gena!


In her email, Gena confesses to letting out a surprised joyous shriek while reading the news of winning.  It must've been the mother of all shrieks because her family came running to see what was wrong, ready to rescue or resuscitate, as need be, because that's what families do.  I can picture it now: everyone running in stocking feet into the room not knowing what to expect, popcorn flying, dogs barking, cat hissing.  Perhaps a mouse was involved.  And a golf club.  Alright, so I embellished just a tad, but she did tell me she screamed.  And she is very happy, and that has made my day.

I hope you enjoy the books as much as I did.  It really is a great series, dramatic yet funny, and well written.

Happy Holidays, and thank you to all who entered.  

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Book Bonanza: The Savannah Vampire Series

Black Friday Book Bonanza is sponsored by Book Savvy Babe, The Bawdy Book Blog, and Alive on the Shelves.

Enter to win the Savannah Vampire series by Raven Hart.  It is my absolute favorite vampire series, which is truly saying something since there are so many out there.  I'm often surprised at how few people know about; it's dramatic, funny, sexy, and original.  Nothing against Charlaine Harris, but this is the one HBO should've made into a television series.  Click on the book links to see the star ratings.  Each and everyone is 4+ to 5.  

The Vampire's Seduction (Book One)

The Vampire's Secret (Book Two)

The Vampire's Kiss (Book Three)

The Vampire's Betrayal (Book Four)

The Vampire's Revenge (Book Five)

Read an excerpt of The Vampire's Seduction (book one) for a nibble of the danger and excitement in store for you.  Think I'm kidding?  Read it, and see.  I lurve me some William Cuyler!

This giveaway comes just in time because book 6, The Vampire's Return, will be released sometime in 2012.  Raven Hart is the non de plume of Susan Goggins; she was hoping to have everything with the new book finished in time for January release, but she's running behind schedule.  Look at this cover!  It's very different from the the previous covers, but I'll never say no to six-pack abs!

Join Raven Hart/Susan Goggins at Literal Addiction's web event on goodreads.com December 30th!

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