Friday, April 24, 2009

DREAMFEVER, Widget Woes, and Fictional Men

Can anyone lead me to a widget site-the idiot proof kind-  so I can make a countdown widget for Dreamfever by Karen Moning, due out August 25th? Or better yet, point me in the direction of one that's already made? I used to be able to create countdown widgets for books at Spring Widget, but I can't get the site to work anymore. 

I'd like to create a widget for Dreamfever (with the book cover) since it's my favorite series, and Jericho Z. Barrons tops my fictional hottie list! Second place is held by Crispin, aka Bones, from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series. Third place is held by Henry deTamble in Audrey Niffenegger's, The Time Traveler's Wife. I hear Jaime in Outlander will steal my heart, so I'm planning on reading that soon, but anyway, forgive me for I digress. (I was just discussing sexy men, wasn't I?)

So, what was I writing about? Widgets, yes. Help? 

Thanks! XOXOXO!

Much love to ya!

Oh, maybe some of you are thinking things like: Where is Edward Cullen or all the BDB hotties? Has Evie lost her ever-lovin' mind? In my defense, I must add that I fall in love with almost ALL the heroes in the books I read, with non-YA thoughts about the YA guys, as well. I admit, I want a Seth, Niall, Irial (Melissa Marr, Wicked Lovely Series), Demetri (Vampire Academy YUMMINESS!) and a Shane (Morganville Vampire's) all to myself.   

I'm not the only one, guys!  The icon says it all!

Since we're on the subject, who are your favorite male characters-for hotness or otherwise? And since I'm dreaming, order me up a Mr. Darcy, too.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Castle, The Unusuals and Metal Heart

There are only two shows that I'll put books down to watch: ABC's Castle and The Unusuals. They're both great shows.

Castle is about an author in need of a muse, and ends up hanging around with NYPDs Detective Kate Beckett.

The Unusuals is about the quirky, and dangerous events that happen to detectives, personal and on the job. In addition to being a good show, it has excellent music.

I can't find the song played at the end of last night's show, but I did find this one from a previous episode.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blood and Ice by Robert Masello

4 Stars

For most of the book, Blood and Ice, is two incredible stories, beginning 150 years ago with the harrowing events that transpired on the ship, Coventry, once it was blown far off course into the dangerous waters of the South Pole. Sinclair, an affable, idealistic young soldier, and his beloved, Eleanor, are chained together and thrown overboard into the freezing glacial waters. What crime did they commit that the crew thought they deserved such treatment?

Fast forward to present day, to Michael Wilde, journalist, an adrenaline junkie high on life until a terrible accident forces him to withdraw from life, an accident that has left the woman he loves unconscious in a hospitable bed, her prognosis grim. Michael's employer, after months, pushes him to take an assignment on how scientists work in the most extreme climate in the world, the South Pole.

The author does an excellent job of alternating between both stories with thrilling suspense until they collide, mixing science and folklore in an exciting way. I'm almost afraid to say the word....shhh, come closer...closer....vampire...because perhaps you might think I'm giving something away. But I'm not; it's on the back of the book (but strangely not in the classification for the Library of Congress) and told in a way you would not expect.

The magic is the unique story and how it brilliantly unfolds. Robert Masello is a wonderful storyteller. There's nothing cliche about his writing and it's not like any other vampire novel I've read before. His masterful descriptions made me feel like I was there along side each and every character, experiencing it all for myself, and isn't that why we read-to live vicariously through the characters? To feel the excitement and pride of the soldier eager to fight for his country? To feel the bone chilling bite of the arctic wind on our skin, or feel the claustrophobic dive in freezing arctic waters and seeing with our minds eye a glacier wall descend and disappear into the dark depths below?

There's a lot that's scary in this book: Arctic diving, living in the harshest environment in the world, the Crimean war and the conditions afterwards, and for those that love the paranormal, the vampire- still scary, even if you know it's coming.

As always, what makes me love a book, is the way an author makes me love the characters so much that I can't put the book down, the way they can turn a phrase making me shudder with fear or my eyes well up with heartfelt emotion. (I'm weird that way) It's awesome when that happens! This is a great story blending history, science and horror. I ~almost~ want a sequel. I can't help wondering what the characters are up to now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

City of Glass is a perfect conclusion to the Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare. The main characters have grown throughout the series, but come into their own in this final installment, each facing their weaknesses, and drawing on their strengths to confront their darkest fears.  

It's clearly evident that Cassandra Clare has grown as an author, as well; her writing is more focused, descriptive and the pace is dead on.  I lost myself in the story.  For the last several chapters, I was choking back sobs, unable to put the book down.  The emotional conclusion had me crying and snotting all over myself.  Somebody remind me to buy tissue!

Additionally-and lucky for us, if it's true-there are openings that hint the author may continue writing stories that take place within her shadowhunter/downworlder universe, perhaps including the Faerie Queen, Meliorn, Raphael, Simon, and the mysterious girl mentioned only for an instant, with brown hair, a long white dress, and looking vaguely familiar to Clary...

The Mortal Instruments is a wonderful, smart, action-packed series and it was fun to be guided through it all by Cassandra Clare's blossoming talent.

5 Stars

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jennifer Armintrout: An Original

I love all things fae and can't wait to read these books!
Queene of Light will be out in October.
Followed by Child of Darkness in November.
And the whole thing concludes in Veil of Shadows in December.
If you got to her blog you can click on the book cover and read the back. It sounds great.  Plus, check out the comment by Gena Showalter!

Her vampire series is excellent! Try them out while you wait for her new books.

Since I'm a big Melissa Marr fan, I had to post the UK book video for Wicked Lovely. I hope it works. Fragile Eternity will be out next month. Can't wait!

Keeping In Touch with Followers

In January I was excited about having weekly book giveaways but it didn't last long because brutal reality invaded my dreamy perception of my perfect little world.  I seriously hate when that happens.

My ka-ching decreased considerably.  After deciding to change jobs to allow more time to focus on my writing, I could no longer afford buying the occasional new books to fill in the giveaways that I couldn't get from authors.  I also went through some kind of worm hole and found that, although I am working fewer hours, I actually have less time.  And it isn't because I'm writing; it seems everyone wants me to do something now that-to them-I'm being leisurely.

Said worm hole has in no way intruded upon my reading time.  Books are my escape, my narcotic, and I'm hopelessly addicted to the characters and their stories that authors skillfully weave.  I don't always have the time to update this page though, sorry to say, but one of my more recent reads was The Russian Concubine by Kate Furnivall.  OMG! I love, love, LOVE that book!  If you have a chance, read it.  I highly recommend it.  The ending left me crying for more, and I thought about the story several days once finished. I researched an old interview with the author, and at the time she wasn't  planning a sequel.  At first I was heart broken at losing these beloved characters, but then I realized that it's a mark of a good novel, to leave your readers wanting more and allowing the character's future to live on in the readers imagination.  It felt right to me.  I was happy.  But then I found out, The Girl from Junchow, the continuation of the story, will be released June 2nd.  I am so all over that book when it comes out, but it brings forth a few questions.

Why is a stand alone book, wonderful and deserving of great praise, continued?  Is it the publisher urging the author to write?  Is it the fans?  Is ka-ching the driving factor?  I have made my peace with the end and now I'm faced with something new and guarateed to be a better thrill ride than I imagined, or will it?  What if it sucks?  How will the sequel influence reader's perception of the first book, or will it at all?  When does an author say "enough is enough?"  Perhaps the author felt her character's story needed telling.  I hope that's why she wrote, The Girl from Junchow, because then, as a fan, you know her heart is in it, and that can only mean it will be an exciting piece of work.

Do you think fans can influence whether an author continues a story?  I've sent Robyn McKinley a few fan letters praising, Sunshine, and if there were any plans for a sequel, to which she hasn't replied.  Gee, I wonder why?

Now I feel I must clarify something about myself.  I am not a crazed fan with nothing better to do than to harrass authors.  In fact, I've found that most authors enjoy their fans and correspond when they can (at least those I've contacted).  So by McKinley's silence I can only surmise there will not be a sequel to Sunshine, which contains one of the only vampire scenes that scared and shocked me.  It begins on page 12 of my older edition.  It was white knuckle reading for me!  I wasn't expecting the turn of events and it blew me away.  The book continues to be one of my favorites for that reason.  And the ending left me craving more.  Sign of a good book, remember?  But in this case, I have not come to grips with the ending.  My only complaint would be too much baking and not enough Constantine.  More Connie, please! kthxbai! 

In my mind, Constantine is a dangerous predator that fell in love with Rae, a young woman, long before Bella and Edward were even dreamt about.  A sequel to this book leaves the story wide open.  It could go anywhere.  I personally would love to see a follow-up to this story written with adults that enjoy horror in mind.  Constantine isn't beautiful, but he definitely is incredibly interesting and charismatic, and I couldn't help but fall for him.  I'd love to see a sexy, romance, horror continuation and if there isn't a happily ever after, that's okay.  I just want more, darn it! Maybe Robyn McKinley isn't "feeling it", in which case, my imagination will have to continue to run wild until it settles on something that satisfies it and could put this longing to rest.   LOL!  I have found some great vampire series that fit the bill, though.  I am enjoying Jennifer Armintrout's books.  By the way, check this out:

I'm presently almost finished with City of Ases by Cassandra Clare.  What a great YA series.  On March 24th, I bought City of Glass, the conclusion of the trilogy and I can't wait to get started on it.  I bought the very last copy in the book store and I found it by chance hidden behind a bunch of books in another section so I think I took someone's hidden secret stash they were going to come back for later.  Oops!  But it's dog eat dog world out there and if you snooze you loose so I WIN!  HAHA!

Well, this turned out to be a much longer post then I planned and it's pure randomness. Anyway, as time permits, I hope to have giveaways for books I'm passionate about by authors I enjoy or personal books I can part with easily.  

Happy reading, everyone and have a wonderful day.

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