Friday, April 24, 2009

DREAMFEVER, Widget Woes, and Fictional Men

Can anyone lead me to a widget site-the idiot proof kind-  so I can make a countdown widget for Dreamfever by Karen Moning, due out August 25th? Or better yet, point me in the direction of one that's already made? I used to be able to create countdown widgets for books at Spring Widget, but I can't get the site to work anymore. 

I'd like to create a widget for Dreamfever (with the book cover) since it's my favorite series, and Jericho Z. Barrons tops my fictional hottie list! Second place is held by Crispin, aka Bones, from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series. Third place is held by Henry deTamble in Audrey Niffenegger's, The Time Traveler's Wife. I hear Jaime in Outlander will steal my heart, so I'm planning on reading that soon, but anyway, forgive me for I digress. (I was just discussing sexy men, wasn't I?)

So, what was I writing about? Widgets, yes. Help? 

Thanks! XOXOXO!

Much love to ya!

Oh, maybe some of you are thinking things like: Where is Edward Cullen or all the BDB hotties? Has Evie lost her ever-lovin' mind? In my defense, I must add that I fall in love with almost ALL the heroes in the books I read, with non-YA thoughts about the YA guys, as well. I admit, I want a Seth, Niall, Irial (Melissa Marr, Wicked Lovely Series), Demetri (Vampire Academy YUMMINESS!) and a Shane (Morganville Vampire's) all to myself.   

I'm not the only one, guys!  The icon says it all!

Since we're on the subject, who are your favorite male characters-for hotness or otherwise? And since I'm dreaming, order me up a Mr. Darcy, too.


  1. OMG! I cannot wait for Dreamfever to come out!!! When?? *yikes!*

    As for fictional heroes. Well. Bond - James Bond - tops my list. The Daniel Craig version. & since he's on film, I don't have to rely on my ever-heading-towards-old-&-forgetfulness mind to come up with a "picture". =D I'm all about easy, apparently!!

    Book heroes? Mr. Barrons is nice. Cormac. Adam Hauptman (or is there two 'n's in that?). & if we're both ordering up Mr. Darcy, do we have to share, or will he be cloned? =)

  2. i’m an associate of mary anne radmacher’s and saw you’ve enjoyed her quote, “courage doesn't always roar.” i know mary anne is so happy when people find inspiration from her words in the context of their daily lives. for more work from mary anne’s hand visit her website mary anne has written several books and shares her work in many forms including conferences and classes. If you’d like more information feel free to e-mail me at thanks for sharing her words!

    p.s. i'm going to tell my friend about your blog - she's a huge reader and would love this!

  3. Demetri from The Vampire Academy series. Yummy!

    I really, really want to read Book 3 in the Fever series, but it's in Hardcover & I can't find it anywhere. Do not ask me why. It's driving me nuts!

  4. I gots me a surprise for you over at my blog, check it out! :D

  5. Hi Evie,
    Love the icon. I have not read any of her Fever series, I just couldn't get into Mac. I will have to try her again another time, I did love Karen's Highlanders, esp Dageus (he's so dreamy).
    I have not gotten my copy of Blood and Ice yet, I tried the library and I'm number 5 on the list, I guess this book is better than I thought. Have a great week. :)

  6. OMG im like in love with shane collins from morganville vampires lmfao i just wanted to share that :$ :P


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