Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zombie Apocalypses and Losing Our Free Internet

I like zombies, and my free uncensored internet, and if Congress passes the bill allowing websites to be shut down just on the off chance of copyright infringement (see below, seriously) we won't be able to watch cool Youtubes EVAR, and because last week I finished reading Paper Towns by John Green, been thinking about my review, and his Mountain Dew buzzed energetic vlog entries, I've decided to share this with you guys.  I heart me some John Green.  Smart, funny, handsome, and likes zombies...what's not to love?

For those that haven't watched any of his vlogs, check this out.  (3:46 secs)

I totally agree with his number one choice!  What do you think?

And just like I promised:

Did you know there's a bill in Congress that will allow the government to censor the internet?  Check this out by Hank Green, John Green's brother, and sign the petition!

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