Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Vampire's Kiss by Raven Hart (Book 3)
5 Stars
Ballantine Books (December 26, 2007)
336 pages

This is the third book in The Savannah Vampires Series and it's as exciting and fun to read as the others-also rated 5 stars. It's the continuing saga of the Savannah vampires, the cultured William Cuyler Thorne and the amiable Jack McShane. I will do my best to do some telling without revealing.

Due to the cliffhanger ending of book two, William is forced to go on a journey far from the city he's been protecting for centuries, leaving it under the protection of Jack. Since William is the biggest, baddest otherworldly creature around town there have been few problems in Savannah in the past, but the word is out that Jack's been left in charge. Can he keep the city safe from ne'er-do-well werewolves while his sire is away?

Will William be able to successfully complete his quest as he struggles to reconcile his past with the most vile evil he's ever come across? Will his weakness be his downfall? Is there truth to the prophecy of a slayer?

Who or what exactly is Connie, the beautiful cop that Jack has taken a shining to?

The story has a creative, interesting plot with vampires, werewolves, voodoo, zombies and the story unfolds at a perfect pace. As always, the author does an excellent job with character development, fully expanding on the internal and external.

This is the first time that William and Jack are separated and the conflicts they meet and how they handle them are a true test of their strengths while revealing potential weaknesses. We definitely see a different side of William in this installment. It's a very suspenseful, exciting read that's just the right length and will appeal to anyone that enjoys the paranormal genre. The book has a cliffhanger ending leading to the next book, The Vampire's Betrayal, that was released in April, 2008. The fifth book in the series, The Vampire's Revenge, is due out in January, 2009.

I can't say it enough-these are just great reads. This series is as thrilling as it is funny and it never lets up. You don't necessarily have to read the preceding books in order to enjoy this one, but I highly recommend you do. You'll get such a wealth of information on the characters that will lead to a better understanding of their depth. Highly recommended and one of my favorite series'. Once I start reading Raven Hart's books, I can't put them down!

Coming soon: Stayed tuned for my blogs book giveaway/contest for the first in the series, The Vampire's Seduction.


From the back of the book:

*Spoiler Alert*Spoiler Alert*Spoiler Alert*Spoiler Alert* (for those that haven't read the first two books)

A dark and brooding creature of the night, William Cuyler Thorne has spent five centuries mourning the deaths of his beloved wife and son. In that time, he has also grown into Savannah's most powerful vampire, attracting rich, beautiful women and commanding fear in all who dare cross his path. Now he seeks revenge. For it appears that his wife and son are not dead, but rather undead, having joined a malicious clan of European bloodsuckers-and that same group has now captured Renee, the young daughter of his dear friend, a voodoo princess. Leaving his suave sidekick, Jack, to hold down the fort in Savannah, William travels across the Atlantic to save Renee and settle the score.

While Jack is left to contend with his seductive ex-girlfriend and a rebellious band of werewolves, William must confront his own defiant temptress and an even more sinister threat. For the evil vampire lords will do much more than retaliate if William rescues Renee and her magical blood: They will wreak havoc across the land.

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