Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Moon Niblets

Twilight the movie left a lot to be desired, but I confess to getting goosebumps whenever I see ads and posters for it, and the latest promos for New Moon. They remind me of how I felt while reading the Twilight trilogy. 

Initially critical, I found myself being pulled into a current I couldn't escape no matter how strongly I fought against it, railing at the silly, insecure, illogical Bella Swann.  But I just couldn't put the books down, and to this day I still wonder why.  Perhaps because first love is illogical and silly? Exciting? Painful? Bittersweet? And doesn't insecurity take root within us during those tumultuous teen years?  

The books are certainly not literary masterpieces, but they're not meant to be.  Together they tell an entertaining story.   And that wasn't a typo. To me, the series will always be a trilogy because Breaking Dawn was...well, never mind.  I have my own ending to the saga using up valuable synapses in my poor wee brain.  

Another thing sucking up what little cerbral current I have is contemplating Stephanie Meyer's wealth.  Oshi.  (That's a word I made up for things that boggle me brain.  If it's a word in another language, I'm genuinely ignorant of it and too lazy to research it, but I do claim this word as my own, uttering it under my breath when I'm amazed, astonished and astounded.  Or baffled, bemused and befuddled.)  I wish I had that paycheck, donchya know?

Anyway, get some goosebumps with some New Moon nibblets from a talented fan and Hollywood.

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