Friday, August 7, 2009

Ending Change To Time Traveler's Wife

Be forewarned. News has been leaked that the ending of The Time Traveler's Wife has been changed. Look here for the article. That explains why questions regarding the book submitted to Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams for the Moviefone interview were not used, even the simplest one: did you read the novel? Many fans submitted questions specifically about the ending and now I know why. To think that Hollywood changed the movie to make it more palatable for 30 random test viewers is a major downer. It makes me want to use my bad words. Believe that I am definitely thinking them as I write this.

I've just finished reading the book for the second time and knew they'd have to cut some parts, but they've cut the heart out. I have to sit this one out to make my personal twelve dollar stand against Hollywood completely FUBAR-ing a great story and having the audacity to say they're doing the proper thing.

My recommendation: Read TheTime Traveler's Wife but go see The Hurt Locker.


  1. I don't think they've changed it too drastically. Everyone who is suppose to die still dies.

    And is that Moviefone interview out yet? So they stay away from commenting on the book altogether?

  2. The interview is on moviefone now and the book isn't mentioned at all. The interview is worthless as a promotional tool, imho. Eric Bana is relaxed, appearing comfortable in his own skin-a normal guy, whereas Rachel McAdams has a superior air about her conveying she's somewhat put out by having to be among us mortals. But who am I to judge, being mortal and all.

  3. But now I'm curious about the changes! Since I really only boycott all things Tom Cruise, maybe I will go see it.


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