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The Jacky Faber Series by LA Meyer

I'm happy to see that there are other Bloody Jack fans out there! As far as I know, there are 8 books in the Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer.

Rapture of the Deep is due out September 29th.

The Wake of the Lorelei Lee: Being an Account of the Adventures of Jacky Faber, on her Way to Botany Bay has been announced, and I imagine will be out a year after Rapture of the Deep. I don't know how long the series will actually be but in an interview, Mr. Meyer said he would keep writing as long as his editor/agent wanted him to (and kept putting money in Jacky's coffer!)

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  1. Thanks Evie! I did some major searching yesterday and he said in a online chat (the transcript was available) that there were 11 books in his head so far, but he'd write as long as his publishers would pay him (like you said).

    I'm anxiously awaiting Rapture of the Deep! I can't wait to see what trouble dear Jacky gets into next.

  2. I love, LOVE the Jacky Faber books, and can't understand why more people don't know about them. I've read two of the Wizard Boy books, and can't seem to get into them, but from the first page of Bloody Jack I was hooked and bought the books in hardback so I could have them forever. Jacky is a great character.

    Don't mean to knock Harry. I'm going to try book three pretty soon; that's when people say the series picks up.

  3. I'm really surprised Jacky isn't more popular, too. Maybe it's the historical setting? That doesn't seem to be popular w/ the YA crowd these days. They all want contemporary paranoral (ie - sparkly vampires).

    HP is a favorite of mine. I think JKR is a master plotter. It's not a just series of exciting adventures like with Jacky. There's an ending and closure in mind. I love that. I'm a little worried that L A Meyer will not wrap up the Jacky tale and she'll just fade into oblivion w/out a solid conclusion. Regardless I hope L A Meyer can keep getting published, because the adventure is just so much fun to read!

    Also, HP improves as the series progresses. Book 4 is where she really starts to step up her game, so stick with it. Have you spoiled yourself by seeing the movies?

    For a heavier piratical read - have you tried Dust of 100 Dogs. It has been a favorite of mine this year!

  4. I've seen all the Harry movies, but honestly, I don't remember much (even the new one I just saw this past weekend.) Everyone tells me the books are better, so I'll stick with it. So far though, the series isn't clicking with me. I'm surprised by this because it has most/all the elements I look for in a book.

    I've only recently come out of the closet as a fan of romance (I vehemently denied this in the past!) I'm finding the books I love all have romance/sexual tension in them. Not YA appropriate, but we've all had crushes, young love, first love. Books MUST make me feel to become memorable. I get the whole Harry VS Voldemort good against evil, but after the movie on Sunday I was most concerned with who Hermione hooks up with. Call me shallow. To love and be loved is a basic human need and I'm a sucker for it. Hermione is my favorite character thus far. I've convinced myself that Harry dies for the greater good. Of course no one will tell me any of this and just as well. If I hear the ending, I may be sorry!

    Jacky Faber deserves a great conclusion. I read this series not only as an adventure, but as an epic tale about a girl/young woman trying to find her place in the world. It's probably not dark enough for the masses, but when you examine it more closely, it is extremely dark in a real life sense. No supernatural beings, but she is always in danger of being imprisoned and/ or losing her life. She's orphaned after losing her parents to the black plague, constantly finding herself in dangerous circumstances. Very, very dark and terrifying but disguised by LA Meyer's wit. Jacky just keeps showing up in historical events, not unlike Forrest Gump! Real life is scary. History is scary. But then, that's just me.

    I love Jacky, Jaime and the officer that nicknamed her "Puss". Can't believe I forgot his name! Yes, I want to know who Jacky ends up with, but she absolutely deserves a better ending than getting married off and having babies. I don't know, maybe I take that back. Grace O'Malley- the feared Irish Pirate in the 16th century- gave birth on her ship then joined immediately in on a great battle! History, gotta love it, but I digress. Jacky needs an epic conclusion, but whatever Meyer comes up with I'm game for.

    I did read Dust of 100 Dogs and I enjoyed it a great deal. Some parts I found to be poetic. I posted an excerpt -something like How do authors do it, or something like that. I love the passage and the author emailed me!

    By the way, I love your blog. I've added more books to my pile!

  5. Ahhh... Romance. I love romance novels too (currently reading Delicious by Sherry Thomas), but I'm still in the closet about it. Well, that's not entirely true. I don't post about it on my blog because I know they are some really young readers/blog followers who might be impressed to read adult romance (exposing themselves to something too provacative, too early in life) by my post. I know that's a lot of might's and maybe's, but I don't want that kind of responsibility. I've thought about doing a Romance/Adult Fantasy only blog w/ a new address, but I just haven't found the time to steadily ready YA & Romance to have enough content to do both.

    Back to your point - I enjoy some sort of romantic element to the plot too. As a woman, I'm going to say it's in my nature. I appreciate the romantic element more now that I'm older and have a meaningful relationship of my own. Jacky has great romantic elements and fantastic tension. I find this really bizarre because LA Meyer is a man and men typically don't do romantic elements, but he does it so well!

    Jared is the one who calls Jacky "puss." I him too. I hope he finds love too, but Jacky and Jaimy must be together in "an epic conclusion" situation for sure!

    LOL! I love your Jacky/Forrest Gump comparison! How funny and true!

    I'm so glad you love my blog. **gush** It's fun for me and it makes me think I'm doing more than just entertaining myself w/ YA (& Romance), but also conveying thoughts to people who might care. You know - saving the world one blog post at a time.

    I just found you from an older post where you commented on my blog (about BJ of course) and I'm so glad I did. I'm looking forward to following your reviews.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  6. great blog. i'm following you now. you should check mine out. i do author interviews with book give-a-ways!

    In 1806, star-crossed lovers Jacky Faber and Jaimy Fletcher are kidnapped by British Naval Intelligence and forced to embark on yet another daring mission--this time to search for sunken Spanish gold off the Florida coast. also: Rapture of the Deep is the newest addition to the Bloody Jack adventures by L.A. Meyer. This time we find our heroine and her fearless friends in the Caribbean Sea around Cuba and the Florida Keys hunting for Spanish gold...on the orders of King George. Several old friends and foes show up in this edition, as well as some great new characters including Jemima, a former slave now employed as ships cook for Faber Shipping Worldwide, and the jolly rogue and pirate Flaco Jimenez. Fun and exciting, with several tall tales from the Deep South told by Jemima thrown in for spice. Readers who fell in love with the sailor (and sometimes pirate) Jacky will love this edition.

    From rapture of the deep due out sep.28!!!!!
    SPOILER: I heard from a person who has read rapture (dont ask how) that a certain someone is going to be in this book......

    richard allen!!!!!!YIPPPE!!!

  8. richard allen!!!!!!YIPPPE!!!

    Richard Allen...is that the officer from Mississippi? I can't remember everyone's name...but I personally lurve Jared :D But if Richard Allen is who I think he is, YIPPPPEE!

  9. yes he is!!!! I can't WAIT!!!

  10. I love these Books! I have never read a book where the main person in the story was my favorite charater. Seaking of which, I think that Jared needs to come back.He's Awsome!

  11. you can read the first chapter of Rapture on amazon.com now!!!!!!!

  12. hey, i can't wait to read the book. it will be amazing!!!!

    if you guys want a really good book (it isn't romantic but the sequel may be) then read The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. it is an amazing YA book, the first in a trilogy. the sequel, The Ask and The Answer. is already out and apparently from reviews its better than the first! Though I would not reccomend it to under 12. Kids - read it when your older and you'll appreciate it more!

  13. I'm reading Rapture of the Deep right now and am on the part with Flaco Jimenez...but I can't exactly remember who he is or wut he did in Under the Jolly Roger. Can someone help please? I just need a few details (from Rapture, I already know he was a pirate she met, but I don't remember them having an affair. This is probably since she's had many of those, but u gotta love Jacky!)

  14. I have The Knife of Never Letting Go-can't wait to read.

    Flaco Jimenez confused me at first too. I believe he's a new character conveniently arriving in the series.

    So sorry it took so long to answer you. Got home from vacation, worked a few weeks than got the stomach ick! Imodium is my friend!

  15. So is Flaco Jimenez a new character then, whose history with Jacky has never been recorded in the books? This is confusing me, because I don't remember at all, but obviously she knows him from her past...Has he been in any of the other books? Please! This is killing me!

  16. No. he was mentioned to be in the third book when jACKY WENT ON HER TRIPS WITH lIAM AND ALL THEM. Who ever he is Flaco is a good addition to the book. hopefully she runs into him again.

  17. do you think the Jacky Faber series will ever be made into movies??



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