Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fate and the Death of Destination A

Do you believe in fate, that karma is real and everything unfolds exactly as it should? For most of my youth, I held fast to these principles because essentially it allowed me to be lazy and gave me something to blame if things didn't work out. But after a time, I realized life was passing me by, my dreams along with it. This was proof enough that fate had no idea what I wanted out of life so I flipped fate off, got behind the wheel of my life and headed for the freeway. I had to get moving before I gave up my driving rights and ended up in the back of the Reaper's limo.

A person shouldn't wait for their density (yes, I spelled it that way purposely; it makes me laugh and think of Back to the Future. It's the little things in life, you know.) Take matters into your own hands. Make a plan. Stick to it. This works really well I've found but as with everything there is a caveat. Just because you're driving doesn't mean you end up in the personal Nirvana programmed into your GPS. That funny little fickle finger of fate will mess with the settings and change the route, whether one believes in it or not. I am now a believer of fate once again but I believe me and Fate are lazy. We don't want to work on this life thing by ourselves so it works better as a joint effort. What brought this change about, you may wonder? No? Go away then. Nothing worse than reading stuff you're not interested in and I won't hold it against you.

I was driving my car to Destination A. I was due to arrive at Destination A in 3 months and I was ecstatic, set on go from day one preparing for my arrival and all that it entailed. Well, Destination A was proving to be much further than anticipated but I continued on my journey understanding that things don't necessarily go smoothly. I didn't question the plan or the validity of Destination A. ETA, another 3 months.

No go. Destination A was difficult to find even with a very highly functional GPS. Destination A, yet another 3 months. I unhappily soldiered on and believed that I would eventually get there.

On closer inspection I realized Destination A sucks and I didn't want to go there anymore. It continues to be very real and wonderful to others but I won't be going because Fate has been actively changing my route and sending me signals that I've only recently begun to recognized.

I now have a new GPS setting. This new place I'm heading toward is much more difficult to get to (nerves talking?) but the ride is going to be awesome. In fact, I won't call my new setting a destination. On this one, the journey is the whole point. And I'm happier now than ever before.

If you need some help with your future, check this out! Very fun indeed!

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  1. Sounds like your doing some serious soul searching! I believe my high power gives me what I need which is not necessarily what I want. But in the end I usually find out what I needed is what I wanted. I hope you followed that. Good luck on you new journey & know you friends here to lift you up when you are feeling down!


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