Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who's My Jamie?

Apparently I've been missing out on a very, very good thing- mainly Jamie from Diana Gabaldon's much loved novel, Outlander. Friends have recommended the book and it occupies a space on my overloaded and straining bookcase but I don't know why I've never cozied up with it.

Well, after seeing this I'm definitely going to be putting in some cozy time to find out who my Jamie will be. Does it really matter what motivates me to read? Call me the shameless hussy I am!

Truth is, after reading the book, no actor will be able to hold a candle to the Jamie of my imagination which I find is often the case when books are made into movies. But I wouldn't turn any of them away.

Here's another good video for the book. I'm definitely interested in meeting these characters. Can't wait!


  1. Jamie Frasier and Edward Cullen probably tie for my number 1 spot of most loved male characters. When ever I read a Outlander book I seriously feel cheated that my hubby can't be more like Jamie(though he does have Scottish heritage and red hair lol).
    I can honestly say that none of the guys hold a candle to the Jamie in my head.

  2. If the book is written well I fall for the male characters every time and it doesn't have to be a romance novel. I fell for Jacob in Water for Elephants. The way he fell in love with Marlena the moment he saw her, the way he protected her, Henry from Time Traveler's Wife, Edward, makes men sexy ^^

  3. Thanks alot Evie!! You now have me intrigued enough that I went and bought it on my kindle!
    Like I really needed another series, let alone one that's books are soooo big...lmao!

  4. I saw that and thought "Omg, Angel is going to kill me!"

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. You two are going to love them!

  7. I hope you guys enjoy them they are long but Jamie is worth the read!!

  8. I have to admit that I really, really hated Outlander and didn't read beyond the first. That said, seeing the manflesh, I'd have to go with Simon Woods (loved him in P&P!), Shawn Ashmore, or David Wenham...


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