Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Vampire's Revenge by Raven Hart

The Vampire’s Revenge is the action packed fifth installment in the Savannah Vampire series and it won’t let fans down. Jack McShane hits the ground running and doesn’t stop. He can’t. The civilians of his fine city are depending on him.

Raven Hart was right when she wrote in a recent interview, “Poor Jack has to run from one crisis to another, and although I adore him, I also love to torture him.”

And torture him she does, as he's forced to face scheming old world vampires, their growing elemental powers, fight double-deads that escaped from hell and summon all of his McShane charm to convince the dhampir vampire slayer not to stake him.

Jack is kept so busy he rarely gets coffin time. But maybe it’s best that he keep busy saving the civies from things that go bump in the night. Then he doesn’t have to face what’s breaking his heart--changes affecting everyone he’s ever loved. Who said vampires don’t have feelings?

I loved this book! The action kept me on my toes and the plot’s interesting twists and turns kept me guessing. It’s laugh out loud funny. The image of Jack and Werm comparing the size of their fangs at the bar is priceless. Fun things are happening with the irregulars. And always with the cliffhangers! AHHH!!

A couple of funny lines:

"I can have fun shooting rats at the dump." ~ Jack McShane

"What am I, a surgeon? A really bad, like, steak knife surgeon?" ~ Connie Jones

I could have written more but I’d end up writing the whole book! Raven Hart’s humor takes you from giggles to guffaws! I love it! Fun, fun series!


  1. I'm reading this now. I ran out before the snow hit our area to get it. Thankfully we dodged the bullet on the really bad weather.

    One of the lines that crack me was Jack thinking -
    "Could you imagine being caught in the catfight between a powerful femme fatale vampire and a demigoddess vampire slayer? And me caught in the middle.
    How hot would THAT be?" Page 109

  2. Jack comes up with some classic lines, that's for sure! I love it!

  3. Yes, he does.

    Finished this last night. All I can say is...when is book 6 due out?

    Ms. Hart, if you're reading this...Write faster!!! Please!


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