Sunday, September 4, 2011

Five Alarm Book Reviews and Tweet Help

Katie and Stephanie of Five Alarm Book Reviews is a mother/daughter blogging team, and they're having a major giveaway with multiple winners and additional surprise giveaways.  It's so exciting you need to click their button and enter!  Before you go though, I'd like to share something I learned on their site, but is relevant to most giveaways.  

Contest hosts often ask entrants to help spread the word about their giveaways using twitter, and ask for the tweet url as proof.  

Uh...tweet url?

I'm new to twitter, so yeah.  Thanks to Katie and Stephanie, I learned something tonight.  If you're wondering how to post a tweet url, click here, and then check out their awesome giveaway!  And don't you just love their blog name Five Alarm Book Reviews?  Five Alarm is firefighting lingo for holycrapeverythingisburningupgeteveryoneinthecityherenow.  So their reviews must really be HOT!

Five Alarm Book Reviews

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  1. You have a great sense of humor. I am seriously laughing out loud reading this post. Duh girl is too funny.


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