Saturday, September 3, 2011

On E-Readers and Cover Art

Two years ago my wonderful husband gave me a kindle for Christmas.


Although I loved it, I didn't fully grasp its cool book nerd awesomeness until I started downloading highly anticipated novels from home at midnight on the date of their release dressed in comfy mismatched jammies and fuzzy slippers.  By the time book stores opened I'd already be halfway finished, collapsed in a crosse-eyed reading stupor.

My kindle's been a great gift.  It encourages my favorite hobby whilst keeping me off 
Hoarding: Buried Alive (I really like love buying books), but as with anything, there are pro's and cons.

I love my kindle because it:
  • saves trees 
  • can hold 1,500 titles
  • has a built-in dictionary
  • has highlighting and note taking capabilities
  • is lightweight and compact
  • allows me to sample a book before purchasing it
  • doesn't think I'm homeless or crazy for buying a book in my pj's
  • frees my husband up to do other honey-do's
I unlove my kindle because:
  • I miss admiring cover art
  • it measures my progress by percentage
  • I fancy unusual bookmarks and enjoy the visual reinforcement of my progress
  • I miss the feel of the pages beneath my fingertips, the sound of a turning page, the weight of a book in my hands 
  • it loses my place when it updates
  • some titles can't be shared
  • I can't admire my books on a shelf
Truth is, if I read a book on my kindle and love it, I always buy the book as well.  I have to have it so I can see it like a beloved friend.  Crazy, I know, but my husband doesn't call me the book fiend for nothin'.   And I really, really enjoy cover art.

Look at these beautiful covers that make me want to hide my kindle:

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your e-reader?  Do you like cover art?  Anyone buy their books on on an e-reader, and end up buying the hardcover as well?

 ...listens to crickets chirping...

Am I really the only one?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Aww, I agree with all of the above! :D
    The Elf gif cracked me up hahaaa.

  3. Evie, Linky is still open. Add your post in. You have posted awesome covers and I would love to have you on Shelf Candy.

  4. I totally agree - it was one of reasons why I stopped getting books from the library too. I don't like buying books I've already read, 'cause there're so many books I haven't read to get!

    So far I've only read one book on my kindle, which I only use for getting galleys I've decided. It's not the same as reading a book, not at all. I love the feel of the pages in my hands, the thickness of the book. I love being able to flip back and forth at will/need.

    I DO like that I can put the kindle down suddenly and not worry about losing my place or getting a bookmark in, but that's about the only thing. Cover art is a bit draw for me, as is the font used on the page.


Thanks for the feedback. Be well, and happy reading!

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